TL Legacy was renamed to Legacy Launcher

by the Legacy Launcher team

Legacy Launcher (aka TL Legacy) logo

Hello everyone. According to the announcement we made on May 16, 2023, TL Legacy has been renamed to Legacy Launcher.

At first glance, this is purely a cosmetic change that will allow us to move forward. Your worlds, servers, mods, resource packs, and other data will remain where you'd expect them. We are not merging with anyone and certainly not going anywhere.

The team of developers and our principles have not changed. TL Legacy/Legacy Launcher remains a project created solely for the community.

We haven't forgotten our mission: we will continue introducing players to the world of Minecraft and assist them on this journey. In the foreseeable future, the launcher will support both older and newer versions of Minecraft.

Support team, consisting of experienced developers and volunteers, will continue to assist our players. You, like thousands of other players, can reach out for help on our Discord server.

We will continue to publish the launcher's source code for each launcher's release. IT security experts will continue reviewing the launcher for possible threats.

We guarantee that our launcher does not and will not have any intentional features that could put our players at risk. We value your trust and will never compromise it.

Essentially, the only real change is our relationship with the team. We understand that some of you may have objections and doubts about this decision. We understand these people more than anyone else. Nevertheless, we believe that resolving the conflict is long overdue.

In any case, our decision marks a new chapter in the launcher's history. We hope it won't be the last. In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to our players: you are the best! We are grateful to have you with us. Thank you <3

Best wishes,
Legacy Launcher (formerly TL Legacy) team